Gene regulation and morphogenesis

FLP-Based Toolkit for Spatiotemporal Control of Gene Expression

Strains carrying single-copy transgenes expressing codon-optimised FLP 
Promoter Cell Type Strain Reference CGC
ckb-3 Somatic gonad BN854 Fragoso-Luna et al Yes
ceh-60 Multiple BN813 Van de Walle et al No
dat-1 Dopaminergic neurons BN617 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
dpy-7 Hypodermal BN551 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
eat-4 Glutamatergic neurons BN993 unpublished No
elt-2 Intestine* BN528 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
gpa-14 Neurons BN1205 Fragoso-Luna et al No
hlh-8 M lineage BN502 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
hlh-12 Distal tip cell BN1204 Fragoso-Luna et al Yes
hsp-16.41 Ubiquitous BN646 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
lag-2 Multiple BN558 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
lin-31 Multiple BN1023 Fragoso-Luna et al Yes
mec-7 Mechanosensory neurons BN498 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
mex-5 Germ line BN711 Macias-Leon & Askjaer Yes
myo-2 Pharyngeal muscle BN543 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
myo-3 Body wall muscle BN503 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
nhr-82 Seam cell lineage BN455 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
nhx-2 Intestine BN999 Fragoso-Luna et al Yes
rgef-1 Pan-neuronal BN507 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
tph-1 Serotonin-producing neurons BN499 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
UAS Gal4-compatible BN908 Ayuso & Askjaer Yes
unc-17 Cholinergic neurons BN1133 Fragoso-Luna et al No
unc-47 GABAergic motor neurons BN544 Muñoz-Jiménez et al Yes
unc-122 Coelomocytes BN1029 Fragoso-Luna et al Yes
ACEL-pes-10 Anchor cell AH5957 Spiri et al No

* Note that recombination is also detected in the somatic gonad (see panels M-N below); this is not observed when the nhx-2 promoter is used to express FLP.

Ayuso & Askjaer. doi: 10.17912/MICROPUB.BIOLOGY.000089
Fragoso-Luna et al. doi: 10.1101/2021.12.21.473632
Macias-Leon & Askjaer. doi: 10.17912/W2G66S
Muñoz-Jiménez et al. doi: 10.1534/genetics.117.201012
Spiri et al. doi: 10.1242/dev.199900
Van de Walle et al. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0242939


Figure 3
from Muñoz-Jiménez et al. Tissue-specific FLPase activity. Transgenic animals expressing FLP D5 in specific cell types and the dual color reporter were observed by live confocal microscopy. (A-B) Promoter of rgef-1 (Prgef-1); projection of eight confocal sections (A; adult head lateral view) or single confocal section (B; adult tail lateral view). (C) Pdat-1; projection of four confocal sections of head of L4 larva. Note that the green channel represents co-expressed GFP::HIS-58 and mNeonGreen in this strain (see Supplementary Figure 3). (D-E) Ptph-1; projection of three confocal sections (D; adult head lateral view) or a single confocal section (E; adult vulva lateral view). (F) Pmec-7; projection of seven confocal sections of head of L4 larva. To ease visualization of the weak GFP signal the corresponding DIC image was not included in the merge. Asterisks indicate six unidentified neurons, whereas a seventh neuron might be FLPL. (G-H) Punc-47; late L1; projection of four confocal sections (G; head lateral view) or stitch of single confocal sections (H). (I-K) Phlh-8; single confocal section (I; adult vulva lateral view) or max projections (J; vulva region; eight confocal sections, K; posterior gonad loop region; fifteen confocal sections). Examples of body wall muscle (bwm), coelomocyte (cc), uterine muscle (um) and vulval muscle (vm) cells are indicated. (L-N) Pelt-2; L1 (L; projection of seven confocal sections) and L2 larvae (M; projection of seven confocal sections, N; single confocal section corresponding to boxed area in M; note weak GFP expression in the gonad primordium [*]). (O-P) Pmyo-3; projection of seven confocal sections of L2 (O) and L4 (P) larvae. (Q) Pmyo-2; projection of twelve confocal sections of adult head. (R-T) Pdpy-7; projection of eight (R; head lateral view) or ten (S; vulva lateral view) confocal sections of L4 larva or single confocal section of L3 larva (T). Examples of vulva cells (vul) and ventral nerve cord neurons (VNC) are indicated. Arrow points to intestinal cell that expresses both markers. (U) Pnhr-82; projection of four confocal sections of tail of young adult. Note that white nuclei indicate simultaneous expression of mCh::HIS-58 and GFP::HIS-58. (V-W). Plag-2; projection of six confocal sections (V) or single confocal section (W) of central region of young adult. Spermatheca (sp) and distal tip cell (DTC) are indicated. All micrographs are oriented with anterior to the left and ventral down. Scale bar 10 µm.

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