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Bioinformatics for biological sequence analysis

Five relevant publications

  • Rubio,A., Sprang,M., Garzón,A., Moreno-Rodriguez,A., Pachón-Ibáñez,M.E., Pachón,J., Andrade-Navarro,M.A. and Pérez-Pulido,A.J. (2023) Analysis of bacterial pangenomes reduces CRISPR dark matter and reveals strong association between membranome and CRISPR-Cas systems. Science Advances, 9(12):eadd8911.
  • Rubio,A., Jimenez,J. and Pérez-Pulido,A.J. (2022) Assessment of selection pressure exerted on genes from complete pangenomes helps to improve the accuracy in the prediction of new genes. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 23, bbac010.
  • Rubio,A., Mier,P., Andrade-Navarro,M.A., Garzón,A., Jiménez,J. and Pérez-Pulido,A.J. (2020) CRISPR sequences are sometimes erroneously translated and can contaminate public databases with spurious proteins containing spaced repeats. Database, baaa088.
  • Casimiro-Soriguer,C.S., Rigual,M.M., Brokate-Llanos,A.M., Muñoz,M.J., Garzón,A., Pérez-Pulido,A.J. and Jimenez,J. (2020) Using AnABlast for intergenic sORF prediction in the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. Bioinformatics, 36, 4827–4832.
  • Mangas,E.L., Rubio,A., Álvarez-Marín,R., Labrador-Herrera,G., Pachón,J., Pachón-Ibáñez,M.E., Divina,F. and Pérez-Pulido,A.J. (2019) Pangenome of Acinetobacter baumannii uncovers two groups of genomes, one of them with genes involved in CRISPR/Cas defence systems associated with the absence of plasmids and exclusive genes for biofilm formation. Microbial Genomics, 5, e000309.
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