Upon their arrival to the CABD, PhD students will chose two members for their thesis committee among the PIs and Associated CABD researchers in agreement with their supervisors.
As part of their training, CABD PhD students will give a first CABD meeting within six (maximum nine) months after entering the program to outline their research plan. Form then onwards, the student will present her/his progress in a CABD meeting each year. The student will meet with her/his thesis committee and her/his supervisor after each of these meetings to discuss all matters related with her/his work and stay at the CABD. The student will enjoy also some time to discuss with the committee in the absence of her/his supervisor. In addition, the student, her/his supervisor or both may call a meeting at any time.
The committee may ask the student to prepare a short report after the meeting with key points on achievements and future plans. At the same time the committee should provide guidelines and support to the student, prioritising not only scientific but also personal progress and wellbeing.

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