PhD Students & Postdocs Association

The PhD Students & Postdocs association was created on July 2010. It consists of PhD students and postdocs that work at Developmental Biology Andalucian Centre. From the beginning it has been supported by CABD direction. The main objective of this group is to promote the participation of PhD students and Postdocs into CABD scientific life, organizing seminars, workshops and activities that allow them to grow as scientists. This group is represented by the junior committee whose main function is to act as a communication channel between the group of PhD students and Postdocs and the institute director. Its current members are:

Ibai Irastorza,
(Damien P. Devos's Lab)

Nacho Maeso,
(Jose Luis Gomez Skarmeta's Lab)

Lorena Buono,
(Juan Ramon Martinez's Lab)

Isabel Almudí,
(Fernando Casares's Lab)

Ana Belén Iglesias,
(Rafael Rodríguez Daga's Lab)

To stay informed about the activities organized by the PhD Students & Postdocs association you can subscribe to the mailing list: Please, contact with Alicia Rosales.

Past events

  • 9th to 10th February 2011. “Presentation skills workshop”, Dr. Jeanette Müller, Staff Development Manager (Research & Enterprise), University of Bath.
  • 26th November 2010. "Cell wars: cell competition via growth factor signalling", Dr. Eugenia Piddini The Gurdon Institue. The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research. Cambridge (UK)
  • 28th January 2011. "Centrosome Biogenesis and Evolution", Dra. Monica Bettencourt Dias Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência en Oeiras, Portugal
  • 9th March 2012. "Diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases through computerized image analysis", Dr. Luisma Escudero, IBIS, Sevilla
  • 14th September 2012. "Hormonal coordination of developmentally-induced behaviors", Dr. Pierre Leópold, Institute of Biology Valrose (iBV), Nice, France
  • 23rd November 2012. "Lipoproteins and signaling lipids in the Hedgehog pathway", Dr. Suzanne Eaton, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany
Social activities
  • “Happy hour”, once a month.
  • Sporting and social activities during Xmas week of years 2010-2012.

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