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TIKA - Manager of requests and incidents for tickets of the Pablo de Olavide University -> "PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" -> Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo ->
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 > Autorización previa Contrato Menor
 > Recursos Informáticos
 > Reserva de espacios CABD
 > Solicitud de Mantenimiento


For users with email address @alu.upo.es / @alumno.upo.es, it is NOT possible to access as access is through "PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" (https://www.upo.es/tika/web/index.php).

The CIC has been consulted and CANNOT enable access to this type of TIKA application for student emails. To resolve this, ask your superior or colleague with @upo.es in your name to send the application.

CABD - Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo

Universidad Pablo de Olavide
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