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Proteomics and Biochemistry Facility

Chemidoc (view only)

Typhoon (view only)

FPLC (view only)

IPGphor (view only)

Lyophilizer (view only)

Centrífuga Sorvall (view only)

SpeedVac (view only)

Proteomics Incubator (view only)

Ultracentrifugue Beckman (view only)

Shared -20 freezer (view only)

Electrophoresis tank with cooling Proteomics (view only)


Confocals (view only)

Confocals - Live Imaging (view only)

Widefield Fluorescence (view only)

Super-resolution (view only)

Light Sheet Fluorescence (view only)

Image Processing Workstations (view only)

Histology (view only)


FACSAria (view only)

FACSCalibur (view only)

SONYMA900 (view only)

Cell culture

Rules of use

Sala de Cultivos Celulares (view only)

Cytation 1 (view only)

Celldiscoverer7 (view only)

Funcional Genomics Services

Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 1 (view only
Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 2 (view only)

Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 3

Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 4

Leica _ Olympus Fluorescence Scope Camera (view only)

Nikon_ Olympus Fluorescence Scope Camera

CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System BIO-RAD (view only)

C.elegans microinjection station NEW

C.elegans microinjection station OLD

Fishroom Bench2A

Fishroom Bench2B

Sorval X4R



Other Equipment

Fluorimeter (view only)

Animal facility - Terrestial Vertebrates (Mouse Facility)

Jaulas Metabolicas (view only)


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