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Cell biology and Biotechnology

Dr Francisca Reyes. UPO
Modulation of transcriptional activation of tetralin degradation genes in Sphingomonas macrogolitabida strain TFA
Dr Francisca Reyes. UPO
Researcher associated to Dr Eduardo Santero Santurino. UPO

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Five relevant publications

  • O. Martínez-Pérez, A. López-Sánchez, F. Reyes-Ramírez, B. Floriano, y E. Santero (2007). Integrated Response to Inducers by Communication between a Catabolic Pathway and Its Regulatory System. Journal of Bacteriology 189:3768-3775.
  • Francisca Reyes-Ramírez, R. Gary Sawers (2006). Aerobic Activation of the Anaerobically Inducible Escherichia coli focA-pfl Operon by a Moderate Increase in Cellular FNR levels. FEMS Microbiology Letters 255:262-267.
  • Katy Pitts, Francisca Reyes-Ramírez, Andrew J. Thomson, David J. Richardson, Harriet Seward (2003). Characterisation of the Shewanella oneidensis deca-heme cytochrome MtrA: expression in Escherichia coli confers the ability to reduce soluble Fe(III) chelates  Journal of Biological Chemistry 278: 27758-27765.
  • Francisca Reyes-Ramírez, Paul Dobbin, Gary Sawers and David Richardson (2003). Characterisation of the transcriptional regulation of Shewanella frigidimarina Fe(III)-induced flavocytochrome c reveals a novel iron-responsive gene regulation system Journal Bacteriology  185: 4564- 4571.
  • Richard Little, Francisca Reyes-Ramírez, Yan Zhang, Wally van Heeswijk and Ray Dixon (2000). Signal transduction to the Azotobacter vinelandii NIFL-NIFA Regulatory System is influenced directly by interaction with 2-oxoglutarate and the PII regulatory protein. EMBO Journal: 19 6041-6050.