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Cell biology and Biotechnology

Dr Fernando Govantes. UPO
Mechanisms of gene regulation and bacterial biofilm development
Dr Fernando Govantes. UPO
Principal Investigator

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Five relevant publications

  • O. Porrúa, A. López-Sánchez, A. I. Platero, E. Santero, V. Shingler & F. Govantes (2013) An A-tract at the AtzR binding site assists DNA binding, inducer-dependent repositioning and transcriptional activation of the PatzDEF promoter. Molecular Microbiology 90, 72-87
  • A. López-Sánchez, A. Jiménez-Fernández, P. Calero, L. D. Gallego & F. Govantes (2013) New methods for the isolation and characterization of biofilm-persistent mutants in Pseudomonas putida. Environmental Microbiology Reports 5, 679-685
  • A. I. Platero, M. García-Jaramillo, E. Santero & F. Govantes (2012) Transcriptional organization and regulatory elements of a Pseudomonas sp Strain ADP operon encoding a LysR-Type regulator and a putative solute transport system. Journal of Bacteriology 194, 6560-6573
  • O. Porrúa, E. Santero, G. del Solar & F. Govantes (2010) Complex interplay between the LysR-type regulator AtzR and its binding site mediates atzDEF activation in response to two distinct signals. Molecular Microbiology 76, 331-347
  • O. Porrúa, V. García-González, V. Shingler, E. Santero & F. Govantes (2009) Activation and repression of a σN-dependent promoter naturally lacking upstream activation sequences. Molecular Microbiology 73, 419-433