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Biología celular y Biotecnología

Acaimo González Reyes. CSIC
Células troncales y su microentorno: aspectos genéticos, celulares y moleculares
Acaimo González Reyes. CSIC
Principal Investigator

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Cinco publicaciones relevantes

  • Bolívar, J., Pearson J., López-Onieva, L. and González-Reyes A. (2006). Genetic dissection of a stem cell niche: The case of the Drosophila ovary. Developmental Dynamics 235, 2969-2979.
  • Fernández-Miñan, A., Martín-Bermudo, M. D.* and González-Reyes A.* (2007). Integrins are required to maintain the integrity of the monolayer follicular epithelium of the Drosophila ovary. Current Biology 17, 683-688.
  • López-Onieva, L., Fernández-Miñán, A. and González-Reyes A. (2008). Jak/Stat signalling regulates dpp transcription to control germline stem cell maintenance in the Drosophila ovary. Development 135, 533-540.
  • Cobreros, L., Fernández-Miñán, A., López-Schier, H., González-Reyes A.* and Martín-Bermudo, M. D.* (2010). The Ste-20 kinase misshapen regulates the invasive behaviour of epithelial cells in the Drosophila ovary. EMBO Reports 11(12), 943-949.
  • Rojas-Ríos, P., Guerrero, I. and González-Reyes,A. (2012). Cytoneme-Mediated Delivery of Hedgehog Regulates the Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins to Maintain Germline Stem Cells in Drosophila. PLoS Biol., 10(4): e1001298. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001298.