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Cell biology and Biotechnology

Dr Carlos Santos Ocaña. UPO
Coenzyme Q synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisae and its implication in the mitochondrial health. lifespan and ageing
Dr Carlos Santos Ocaña. UPO
Researcher associated to Dr Plácido Navas Lloret. UPO

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Most relevant publications

  1. Doimo, M., Trevisson, E., Airik, R., Bergdoll, M., Santos-Ocaña, C., Hildebrandt, F., Navas, P., Pierrel, F., and Salviati, L. (2014). Effect of vanillic acid on COQ6 mutants identified in patients with coenzyme Q10 deficiency. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1842, 1–6.
  2. González-Mariscal, I., García-Testón, E., Padilla, S., Martín-Montalvo, A., Pomares-Viciana, T., Vazquez-Fonseca, L., Gandolfo-Domínguez, P., and Santos-Ocaña, C. (2014). Regulation of coenzyme Q biosynthesis in yeast: A new complex in the block. IUBMB Life n/a–n/a.
  3. Heeringa, S.F., Chernin, G., Chaki, M., Zhou, W., Sloan, A.J., Ji, Z., Xie, L.X., Salviati, L., Hurd, T.W., Santos Ocaña, C., Vega-Warner, V., et al. (2011). COQ6 mutations in human patients produce nephrotic syndrome with sensorineural deafness. J Clin Invest 121, 2013–2024.
  4. Jimenez-Hidalgo, M., Santos-Ocaña, C., Padilla, S., Villalba, J.M., López-Lluch, G., Martín-Montalvo, A., Minor, R.K., Sinclair, D.A., de Cabo, R., Navas, P., et al. (2009). NQR1 controls lifespan by regulating the promotion of respiratory metabolism in yeast. Aging Cell 8, 140–151.
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  9. Salviati, L., Trevisson, E., Rodriguez Hernandez, M.A., Casarin, A., Pertegato, V., Doimo, M., Cassina, M., Agosto, C., Desbats, M.A., Sartori, G., Santos-Ocaña, C., et al. (2012). Haploinsufficiency of COQ4 causes coenzyme Q10 deficiency. J. Med. Genet. 49, 187–191.