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Cell biology and Biotechnology

Dr José Ignacio Ibeas Corcelles. UPO
Dimorphism in yeast
Dr José Ignacio Ibeas Corcelles. UPO
Principal Investigator

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Five relevant publications

  • Identification of novel activation mechanisms for FLO11 regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2008) Barrales, R.R., Jiménez, J and Ibeas J.I. Genetics, 178: 145-156.
  • The O-mannosyltransferase PMT4 is a novel factor essential for normal appressorium formation and penetration in Ustilago maydis (2009) Fernández-Alvarez, A., Elías-Villalobos, A and Ibeas J.I. Plant Cell, 21: 3397-3412.
  • Autores (p.o. de firma): The General Transcriptional Repressor Tup1 Is Required for Dimorphism and Virulence in a Fungal Plant Pathogen. (2011) Elías-Villalobos, A., Fernández-Alvarez, A., and Ibeas J.I. Plos Pathogens 7: e1002235. Epub2011.
  • Identification of O-mannosylated virulence factors in Ustilago maydis. (2012) Fernández-Álvarez A, Marín-Menguiano M, Lanver D, Jiménez-Martín A, Elías-Villalobos A, Pérez-Pulido AJ, Kahmann R, Ibeas JI. Plos Pathogens, 8 e1002563. Epub 2012.
  • Chromatin Modulation at the FLO11 Promoter of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by HDAC and Swi/Snf Complexes. (2012) Barrales RR, Korber P, Jimenez J, Ibeas JI. Genetics 191:791-803.