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Cell biology and Biotechnology

Dra. Eva María Camacho Fernández
Uncovering the bacterial potential for bioremediation and novel antimicrobials
Dra. Eva María Camacho Fernández
Researcher associated to Dr Eduardo Santero Santurino. UPO

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Five relevant publications

  • Aulestia, M., Flores, A., Mangas, E.L., Perez-Pulido, A.J., Santero, E., and Camacho, E.M.* (2020) Isolation and genomic characterization of the ibuprofen-degrading bacterium Sphingomonas strain MPO218. Environ Microbiol.
  • Carcel-Marquez, J., Flores, A., Martin-Cabello, G., Santero, E. & Camacho, E. M.* (2019) Development of an inducible lytic system for functional metagenomic screening. Sci Rep 9, 3887, doi:10.1038/s41598-019-40470-4
  • Camacho EM*, Mesa-Pereira B, Medina C, Flores A, Santero E. (2016) Engineering Salmonella as intracellular factory for effective killing of tumour cells. Scientific reports.6: 30591
  • Mesa-Pereira B, Medina C, Camacho EM, Flores A, Santero E (2015) Improved cytotoxic effects of Salmonella producing cytosine deaminase in tumour cells. Microbial Biotechnology. 8(1):169-76
  • Royo JL, Becker PD, Camacho EM, Cebolla A, Link C, et al. (2007) In vivo gene regulation in Salmonella spp. by a salicylate-dependent control circuit. Nat Methods 4: 937-942