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Gene regulation and morphogenesis

Dr Isabel Almudi
Evolutionary novelties at the origin of winged insects
Dr Isabel Almudi
Researcher associated to Dr Fernando Casares, CSIC

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Five relevant publications

  • Isabel Almudi#, Joel Vizueta, Alex de Mendoza, Chris Wyatt, Ferdinand Marletaz, Panos Firbas, Roberto Feuda, Giulio Masiero, Patricia Medina, Ana Alcaina, Fernando Cruz, Jessica Gomez-Garrido, Marta Gut, Tyler S Alioto, Carlos Vargas-Chavez, Kristofer Davie, Bernhard Misof, Josefa Gonzalez, Stein Aerts, Ryan Lister, Jordi Paps, Julio Rozas, Alejandro Sanchez-Gracia, Manuel Irimia, Ignacio Maeso, Fernando Casares#. Genomic adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies and the origin of insect wings. Nature Communications,  11, 2631 (2020).
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# corresponding author, * equally contributed

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