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Dr. Miguel Angel Moreno Mateos
Z3 Springboard group: CRISPR-Cas in vivo optimizations to understand early vertebrate development and human diseases
Dr. Miguel Angel Moreno Mateos
Principal Investigator

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Five relevant publications

1) G. Kushawah, L. Hernandez-Huertas, J. Abugattas-Nuñez del Prado, J.R. Martinez-Morales, M.L. DeVore, H. Hassan, I. Moreno-Sanchez, L. Tomas-Gallardo, A. Diaz-Moscoso, D.E. Monges, J.R. Guelfo, W.C. Theune, Brannan , Wang W, Corbin TJ, A.M. Moran, A. Sánchez Alvarado, E. Málaga-Trillo, C.M. Takacs, A.A. Bazzini+, M. A. Moreno-Mateos+ (2020). CRISPR-Cas13d induces efficient mRNA knock-down in animal embryos. Developmental Cell Aug 1:S1534-5807(20)30587-6. +Corresponding Authors.

2)  S. H. Chan, Y. Tang, L. Miao, H. Darwich-Codore, C.E. Vejnar, J. D. Beaudoin, D. Musaev, J. P. Fernandez, María D.J. Benítez, Ariel A. Bazzini, M. A. Moreno-Mateos+, A. J. Giraldez+ (2019). Brd4 and P300 regulate zygotic genome activation through histone acetylation. Developmental Cell Jun 17;49(6):867-881.e8.  +Corresponding Authors.

3) J.P. Fernandez*, M.A. Moreno-Mateos*, A. Gohr, L. Miao, S. H. Chan, M. Irimia, A.J. Giraldez (2018). RES complex is associated with intron definition and required for zebrafish early embryogenesis. PloS Genetics 14 (7) e1007473. *Equal contribution.

4) M. A. Moreno-Mateos+, J. P. Fernandez, R. Rouet, C. E. Vejnar; M. A. Lane, E. Mis, M. K. Khokha, J. A. Doudna, A. J. Giraldez+ (2017). CRISPR-Cpf1 mediates efficient homology-directed repair and temperature-controlled genome editing. Nature Communications 8 (1) 2024. +Corresponding Authors

5) M.A. Moreno-Mateos*, C. E. Vejnar *, J-D. Beaudoin, J. P. Fernandez, E. K. Mis, M. Khokha and A. J. Giraldez (2015). CRISPRscan: designing highly efficient sgRNAs for CRISPR/Cas9 targeting in vivo. Nature Methods 12 (10): 982-88. *Equal contribution

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