Grupos de investigación

Regulación génica y morfogénesis

Prof Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Genetics and functional genomics of genes with small open reading frames
Prof Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Principal Investigator

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Cinco publicaciones relevantes

  • Couso J.P. and Patraquim P. (2016) “Classification and Function of small Open Reading Frames”. Analysis article in Nature Reviews Molecular and Cell Biology, 18: 575-589.
  • Pueyo J.I., Magny E., Sampson C., Amin U., Evans I.R., Bishop S.A., and Couso J.P. (2016). Hemotin, a regulator of endocytic trafficking and phagocytosis encoded by a small ORF and conserved across metazoans, Public Library of Science, Biology, 14: e1002395.
  • Aspden J.L., Chen Eyre-Walker Y., Philips R., Amin U., Mumtaz M.A., Brocard M., Couso J.P. (2014). Extensive translation of small ORFs revealed by Poly-Ribo-Seq. eLife 3: e03528.
  • Magny E., Pueyo J.I., Pearl F., Cespedes M.A., Niven J.E., Bishop S.A. and Couso J.P. (2013). Conserved regulation of calcium uptake in the heart by peptides encoded by small Open Reading Frames. Science 341:1116-1120.
  • Galindo M.I., Pueyo J.I., Fouix S., Bishop S.A. and Couso J.P. (2007) Peptides Encoded by Short ORFs Control Development and Define a New Eukaryotic Gene Family. Public Library of Science, Biology, 5: e106.