Research Groups

Gene regulation and morphogenesis

Prof Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Genetics and functional genomics of genes with small open reading frames
Prof Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Principal Investigator

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Lab members & Collaborators

Lab members

Principal investigator: Prof. Juan Pablo Couso, 34 954977316

Emile Magny 34 954977378
Pedro Patraquim  34 954977914
Ana Platero 34 954977378

Postgraduate assistants:
Sarah Bishop 34 954977378
Ana Hervas 34 954977378

Previous lab members:
(When located at the Univ. of Sussex)
Dr Jose Ignacio Pueyo
Rose Phillips
Dr Julie Aspden
Dr Chris Sampson
Dr Ibo Galindo
Dr Rob Lanfear
Dr Ying Chen Eyre-Walker
Dr Muhammad Ali Mumtaz
Dr Unum Amin
Dr Vini Pereira
Dr Miguel Angel Cespedes
Dr Sylvaine Fouix
Dr John Chesebro
Dr Manel Bosch
Dr Diego Fernadez-Garza
Dr Mark Cummins
Dr Steve Greig
Sally Curran


Dr Alan Saghatelian (Salk Institute, USA)
Prof Sarah Newbury (University of Sussex, UK)