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Biología celular y Biotecnología

Dr Rafael Rodríguez Daga. UPO
Arquitectura y Dinámica Nuclear
Dr Rafael Rodríguez Daga. UPO
Principal Investigator

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Cinco publicaciones relevantes

- Gallardo P, Salas-Pino S, Daga RR. A new role for the nuclear basket network.

Microb Cell. 2017 Nov 27;4(12):423-425.


- Salas-Pino S, Gallardo P, Barrales RR, Braun S, Daga RR. The fission yeast nucleoporin Alm1 is required for proteasomal degradation of kinetochore components. J Cell Biol. 2017 Nov 6;216(11):3591-3608.


- Lucena R, Dephoure N, Gygi SP, Kellogg DR, Tallada VA, Daga RR, Jimenez J. Nucleocytoplasmic transport in the midzone membrane domain controls yeast mitotic spindle disassembly. J Cell Biol. 2015 May 11;209(3):387-402.


- Flor-Parra I, Bernal M, Zhurinsky J, Daga RR. Cell migration and division in amoeboid-like fission yeast.  Biol Open. 2014 Jan 15;3(1):108-15.


- Flor-Parra I, Zhurinsky J, Bernal M, Gallardo P, Daga RR. A Lallzyme MMX-based rapid method for fission yeast protoplast preparation. Yeast. 2014 Feb;31(2):61-6.