Microcomputing Service


- Advice on the purchase of computers and computer equipment.
- Configuration of computers and peripherals belonging to the CABD.
- Installation of commonly used software (Mac OSX / Linux / Windows).
- Hardware support for computer systems (desktop computers, laptops and all types of MacOSX equipment) outside the Warranty belonging to the CABD.


e-mail: informaticacabd@upo.es

Alberto Hurtado Rodriguez / e-mail: ahurrod@upo.es

+34 954 977 933 (ext 67933)
Eugenio Garcia Guijarro / e-mail: egargui@upo.es
Location: Office: 20.2.168 - 2nd Floor.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00.


To request a service, please use the TIKA UPO centralised incident dispatch system.

TIKA - Ticket request and incident manager of the Universidad Pablo de Olavide ->

"PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" -> Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology -> Computer Resources.
Note: For users with email address @alu.upo.es / @alumno.upo.es, it is not possible to access as access is through "PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" (https://www.upo.es/tika/web/index.php).

The CIC has been consulted and cannot enable access to this type of TIKA application for student emails. To resolve this, ask your superior or colleague with @upo.es in your name to send the application.



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