Springboard positions for young group leaders

CABD ‘Springboard’ positions

The CABD offers an excellent opportunity for promising scientists at the beginning of their independent careers to develop their research projects in any area related to Developmental Biology. Candidates should have their own funding- or be in a position to obtain it- in the first year of their arrival. Successful candidates will integrate in the stimulating environment of the CABD and will have access to the scientific infrastructure of the Centre. The CABD will assign laboratory space to the ‘Springboard’ groups for a period of four years that under exceptional circumstances could be extended to a fifth year.

Interested candidates should submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ letter, a CV, their proposed research project and the address of two referees to the CABD director (director.cabd@csic.es). Deadline for Submissions: 30th November 2014. From 2009 the CABD will offer a yearly position until completing a maximum of three ‘Springboard’ positions. The three ‘Springboard’ group leaders will be considered as Associate Researchers to the CABD. The three groups will share a laboratory module and an adjoining office. The CABD will provide basic laboratory equipment for the three groups to share (Fridge/Freezer, bench top centrifuge, PCR machine, gel running equipment, -80°C freezer, space in the animal facilities, etc.). Each group may grow up to a maximum of three researchers including the Associated group leader although the group could become larger if the CABD‘s Internal Board considers this will not be in detriment of other groups.


The short-listed candidates will be invited to present their CV and future research project in a seminar at the CABD. The Selection Committee will contact the successful candidate before the 31st of January.

At the beginning of the third year the Internal Board will assess the group’s achievements and, when necessary, provide advice to steer the evolution of the ‘Springboard’ group.

Each Associated ‘Springboard’ Group Leader will be appointed for four years, and exceptionally for an extra fifth year. They will share an office adjoining the laboratory and the equipment the CABD will destine for the ‘Springboard’ laboratory module. The groups will also be allowed to use the space they may reasonably require in the animal facilities for their projects.

If an Associate ‘Springboard’ Group Leader does not obtain funding in the specified one-year period, they may remain at the CABD as long as they integrate in one of the already established groups. In such cases the researcher will lose their Associate Researcher status.

Each ‘Springboard’ group will have space in the CABD webpage to advertise their research and they will be able to select an established CABD Principal Investigator of their choice to represent them at the CABD’s internal board.

The offer of laboratory space is temporary and it aims at helping scientists to become competitive in their future careers. This offer is open to all candidates independently of their origin and their selection will be based solely on their scientific merits.