Microcomputing Facility

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To request a service, please use the centralized TIKA UPO incident submission system.

TIKA - Manager of requests and incidents for tickets of the Pablo de Olavide University ->

"PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" -> Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo -> Recursos Informáticos

Access with your UPO username and password by pressing the following button ->

Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo

Note: For users with an email address @alu.upo.es / @alumno.upo.es, it is not possible to access since access is through "PDI Y PAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD" (https://www.upo.es/tika/web/index.php). 

The CIC has been consulted and they cannot enable access to this type of TIKA request for student emails. To solve it, ask your superior or partner with @upo.es in your name to send the request. 

Available Services

Our facility provides consultation assistance to help you select personal computers and other computer technology that best meet your requirements.

We provide configuration and troubleshooting support for the use of computers and peripherals at the CABD.

We install popular software (Mac OSX / Linux / Windows)

We give IT support to other CABD facilities.



Office Phone:
(+34)954 97 79 33  / 77933(UPO)

Location: Office in Server Room - inside Meeting Room

Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 8am to 3pm

Documents (intranet)

Microcomputing Facility Policies

CABD servers

Connecting to the cabdserver

How to backup your mac to the "cabdserver" via Time Machine

How to send big files by e-mail?

How to use a single password for everything

How to connenct to the WiFi network "eduroam"

Proxy configuration

How to connect to the internet in the "Seminars Room"

WiFi connection for guests

How to avoid problems when naming files and folders

Utilities (intranet)

Change the password of your "cabdserver" account.

 Facility contact: informaticacabd@upo.es