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Vacancies 2020-2022 - We are seeking motivated Principal Investigators, postdocs and PhD students.

The CABD can offer up to 8 postdoctoral postdoctoral fellowships funded by Junta de Andalucía. Contact specific group leaders.

If you are interested in one other vacancies presented below, please send us your application either by clicking on the link or by mail at the following address:

Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo (CABD)
Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Carretera de Utrera km1
41013 Sevilla

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Study of the relationship between apoptosis and migration in DrosophilaRef: Research contract Hombría Lab
Ad published on 02/07/2021
Using the migration of the ring gland cells during embryo development as a model, we will analyse the relationship between the mechanisms controlling apoptosis and migration of cells after the induction of an EMT. The contract will start immediately and will extend until December 2022.
Career Development GrantsRef: EMERGIA Junta de Andalucía
Ad published on 14/07/2020
The Junta de Andalucía Regional Government offers four-year competitive postdoctoral grants to be held at Andalusian research institutes and Universities. The CABD offers space to candidates working on the following topics:

OMICS in development and evolution

Modeling of biological processes and tissues

The CABD is a very competitive research institute that has received one of the few Spanish María de Maeztu excellence awards. Hired candidates will be offered laboratory space under our springboard program.
Interested candidates please send a brief letter of interest, a CV and the address of two researchers that can provide references
The CABD promotes equality.
Development and evolution of the insect headRef: PhD Thesis at J. C.-G. Hombría lab
Ad published on 12/06/2020
A 4 year FPI PhD fellowship to study the genetic, cellular and evolutionary mechanisms that gave rise to the Drosophila larval head. The student will become expert on molecular biology, genetic techniques and advanced microscopy. Our group is interested in the genetic mechanisms controlling organogenesis and on how these evolve to give rise to new structures. We are analysing how cephalic and trunk homologous structures evolved to give rise to functionally diverse organs. Interest candidates please send a CV and a short letter of interest. More detailed information about the project will be sent to short listed candidates.
Postdoctoral fellowships Junta de AndalucíaRef: All CABD groups postdoctoral fellowships
Ad published on 10/06/2020
The CABD can offer up to 8 postdoctoral postdoctoral fellowships funded by Junta de Andalucía. Contact specific group leaders through contact section in the web or send a general letter of interest through this offer.

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