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Dr Antonio Arroyo Luque. UPO
Proteomics of the coenzyme Q biosynthetic complex in eukaryotes
Dr Antonio Arroyo Luque. UPO
Researcher associated to Dr Plácido Navas Lloret. UPO

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Our work is focused in the study of the regulation of coenzyme Q biosynthesis in eukaryotic cells. This molecule is found in all cell membranes of the all organisms studied so far, particularly in those in which oxygen is the final electron acceptor of their metabolic pathways. Among its functions, coenzyme Q participates in the mitochondrial respiratory electron transport chain as an electron carrier, and as an antioxidant molecule in those membranes where it is located. This molecule is crucial for survival of aerobic organisms and, however, its synthesis, regulation and factors affecting these processes still elusive.

Our work, specifically, try to understand the interactions among the different proteins involved in coenzyme Q biosynthesis that takes place in the mitochondrion (which proteins interact, the protein domains involved, how does they interact, the sequence of interactions, as well as the possible role of other proteins and/or cofactors). To this end several experimental approaches are being carried out: yeast two-hybrid system, TAP (Tandem Affinity Purification), FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer), co-immunoprecipitation as well as the use of different bioinformatic tools and applications.