Research groups

Gene regulation and morphogenesis

Dr Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Genetics and functional genomics of genes with small open reading frames
Dr Juan Pablo Couso. CSIC
Principal Investigator

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Lab members & Collaborators

Lab members

Principal investigator: Prof. Juan Pablo Couso Tapia, 34 954xxxxxx

Dr Emile Magny (BBSRC Postdoctoral fellow) 34 954xxxxxx
Dr Pedro Patraquim (BSMS postdoctoral fellow) 34 954xxxxxx
Dr Jose Ignacio Pueyo (BBSRC postdoctoral fellow) 34 954xxxxxx

Sarah Bishop, 34 954xxxxxx

PhD students:
Olivier Rogoski (BSMS studentship) 34 954xxxxxx

Previous lab members:

(When located at the Univ. of Sussex)
Rose Phillips
Dr Julie Aspden
Dr Chris Sampson
Dr Ibo Galindo
Dr Rob Lanfear
Dr Ying Chen Eyre-Walker
Dr Muhammad Ali Mumtaz
Dr Unum Amin
Dr Vini Pereira
Dr Miguel Angel Cespedes
Dr Sylvaine Fouix
Dr John Chesebro
Dr Manel Bosch
Dr Diego Fernadez-Garza
Dr Mark Cummins
Dr Steve Greig
Sally Curran


Dr Alan Saghatelian (Salk Institute, USA)
Dr Sarah Newbury (University of Sussex, UK)
Dr Sebastian Kadener (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)