Animal Facility - Terrestrial Vertebrates (Mouse Facility)

The CABD mouse animal facility has the capacity to house approximately 4,000 mice.  In an area of over 300 m2, the CABD animal house comprises five separated units subdivided each into procedure and housing rooms and two rooms for quarantine. The facility also contains X-Ray equipment. Rooms are equipped with ventilated microisolators and conventional cages.
The CABD backs the Agreement on Openness on Animal Research.


Currently, the mouse house at CABD has 9 ventilated racks for 72 microisolators (Techniplast) or 81 microisolators (Allentown) connected to 5 independent ventilation towers (each tower can be connected to two single racks or one double). These are available in three of the seven rooms of the facility; the remaining rooms hold animals in an open-cage system.

The transgenic service has a LEICA DM-IRB microscope for pronuclear injection, three stereo-microscopes for embryo isolation and micro-surgery, two CO2 incubators, a micro-puller to produce microinjection needles and a micro-forge, for modelling borosilicate capillaries.

Facility telephone number: +34 618865482 (ext. interna UPO 2482)

Animal House Director: Dr Jaime Carvajal
Senior technician: Ana J. Franco Gómez
Support technical personnel: Candida Mateos Orozco

Mouse microisolators


Collaborations, advice, consulting and contract services are offered on the following techniques:

The transgenic services unit offers:
  1. DNA extraction and purification of constructs for microinjection
  2. Generation of expression vectors for transgenesis
  3. Generation of F0 embryos and adult animals as well as establishment of new stable transgenic lines
  1. Extraction and purification of biopsy DNA for genotyping purposes
  2. Optimisation of existing genotyping protocols
  3. Generation of new genotyping protocols for individual lines