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Proteomics and Biochemistry Facility

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FPLC (view only)

IPGphor (view only)

Lyophilizer (view only)

Centrífuga Sorvall (view only)

Proteomics Incubator (view only)


Confocals (view only)

Confocals - Live Imaging (view only)

DeltaVision (view only)

Zeiss Axio Imager (view only)

Image Processing Workstations (view only)


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FACSCalibur (view only)

Cell Growth
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Sala de Cultivos Celulares
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Celldiscoverer7 (view only)

Functional Genomics Service

Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 1
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Microinjection Station for aquatic vertebrates 2 (view only)

Olympus Fluorescence Scope Camera (view only)

CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System BIO-RAD (view only)

Other equipment

Fluorimeter (view only)

Animal facility - Terrestial Vertebrates (Mouse Facility) (Rules of use)

Jaulas Metabolicas (view only)

Weel-Being Room Henrietta Lacks

Weel-Being Room Henrietta Lacks (sólo ver) - Ground Floor CABD